June 22, 2008

Can See The K.L. Tower?

Let Me Try Manglish For This Post..

Waaaaaaaah.. Syiok wei that day
I keluar with Paul for a Photo Shoot that day

Boleh La My Shots o.o
1 or 2 eni..

But for I ni.. For Learning La
Benda-benda New ..

Experience.. Yea .. Experience new
Meluaskan pemikiran I..

Can la..
I also mengisi my free time ngan perkara yang not negatif

For Dinner
Paul bawa I to Chatterbox

Over there..
Saw Nicole

Hah.. Don't Think I Didn't See You
In Red Right xD? And a white skirt..
( Not Sure About The Warna Of Your Baju Actually ) xD

She was at the restoran opposite eni.
Sorry tak reply your message xD

Like 40 minits lambat xD
Didn't Notice xD

And not sopan to take phone out
With his mum and sis there xD

The makanan there actually not bad..

But i didn't quite enjoy it
Cause of the Freaking Price

If it was cheaper..
I would enjoy it to the max..
Segan to order so expensive o.o

But thank you ya=P
Haha.. For belanja-ing me xD

Haha.. I Like This Shot Paul Took Of Me xD

Manglish Doesn't Work For Me Right xD?


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brainphobia said...

ahhahahahah sean!