June 19, 2008

Impulsive Force.. Impulsive Force.. Impulsive Force.. No.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh =P

Those Special Camwhore Moments?
I Guess .. So ? I Think Not La.. Well.. Maybeee =P

Anyway.. Sri Hartamas
The Secondary School

As In ..

Cooling Nice=P
Scenic Nice =D
And People Nice >=P

Haha.. Joking
Well .. Partially xD?

Why Were We There?
For Some Career Day Thing

It Was Ok ..
In The Sense That We Spent Like 8- 10 Minutes Trying To Register
And Only 10 - 20 Minutes In The Hall..
Haha.. Don't Ask Why..

But You Should Prolly Know Already..

I Mean.. If Students From Other School Were To Visit Your School
You Would Be A Cheeky Fellow Trying To Check The People Out

Right Right xD?

For Me.. In Conclusion
It's A Really Nice Place To Take Pictures

Vinod And His Pose =P


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