May 30, 2008

Will He Bite? =P

We Call Him T.J.
My Mum's Friend's Son =)

He Comes To My House Once In A While
Just For Fun =P

And He Is Afraid Of My Dog =P
Haha.. He Is Adorable

My Sis.. Once Had To Take Him Into The Toilet
And You Know.. Assist Him With..
The Process =P

Hmm.. To Think Of It =P
We All Needed Help Last Time Right

Our Parents Had To Follow Us Into The Toilet * When We Were Small La *
And You Know.. Open Our Pants.. BLA BLA BLA

Then They'll Go..

Imagine By The Road

You Find It Disgusting?
Well.. Be Prepared For That =P xD

But I Feel Grateful You Know
My Parents Are Always By My Side

Supporting Me And All
Especially With My Studies And Hobbies..
Especially Photography =)

So I Want To Take This Opportunity..
And Wish..

Thank You Maa =P
Thank You Paaa =P


Shenn =P

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