May 9, 2008

Semi Value >=P

I Understand The Need To Be Different
Especially In Photography -.-

LOL.. You Really Need To Stand Out
And It's Not Easy o.o
Trust Me

Garrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh o.o
Anyway.. I've Always Wanted A Macro Lens
Yea =) It Would Be So Sweeeeeeet =D

Haha.. Soooo.. One Way Or Another
I Had To Get One =)

All These Pictures Are Not Majorly Edited
As In.. Only Minor Adjustments Like Brightness, Contrast And Saturation Are Done..
The Vignette.. Haha.. =) It's Because Of The Lens =P

Haha.. What Lens =) Well..
Here's A Tip xD =P
I Used Two Lenses For This =)

=P Hehe.. Don't Worry La..
If You Want To Know.. Just Ask? =P

Haha.. Hope You Like The Pictures Anyway =)

Shenn =)

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