May 17, 2008

Punk Rock Super Genius..Bird =)

Haha.. Now.. With Levine's Camera..
I Can Take Clearer Pictures
Of The Animals That .. You Know..

I Don't Know Actually.. o.o

Anyway =P
My Neighbour That Stays Behind Me.. Has A Dog =)
Name.. Tommy =D

Usually.. In The Morning.. Or At Night..
When The Masters Don't Let Him In..
He'll Whine And Scratch..
Whine And Scratch ( Scratch The Wall )

A Really Pampered Dog .. But Still.. Not As Pampered As Mine -.-

And Like All Dogs Or Cats..
They Always Know How To Make You Go ..
Awwwww o.o =)
With Their Watery Puppy Eyes xD
Got To Give It To Them
They Know Our Weak Spot?
Meet Tommy =)


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