January 13, 2008

Morning Dinner

Sorry Foo Kong xD
I Couldn't Resist Uploading This Picture Up xD

Remember The Time When I Said I Was Going To Start Learning How To Draw Soon =P
I Guess .. Maybe It's Just Not My Thing xD =P

Was Chatting With * Katana * That Day xD =P
And.. I Started Drawing Random Pictures Using The Msn Draw Tool Thing xD

Senseless Pictures And Funny Drawings Make Me Look Like ..
I'm Some Kind Of 4 Year Old Trying To Draw
And Hey=.= I'm Not Surprised They Can Draw Better Then Me

My Master Pieces xD

Anyway =P
I'm Still Lazy To Update About My Japan Trip


This Is Alex =P

And This Is Triston =P

My Fellow Photography Buddies =)

Haha =P
I Edited This Picture For Nicole xD
Was Bored =P

Shenn =P

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