January 5, 2008

I Just Can't Refuse It

My Goodness..
I Almost Forgotten About Me And Jafri's Visit To The Comic Fest At Times Square =P
Anyway .. Yea.. Me And Jaf..

Went To The Comic Fest 07
Quite Funny =P

I Like The Illustration Of Jafri xD

Anyway.. It's Cool..
VERY COOL.. To See Talented People Draw And All..

=\ I Guess I Might Learn Illustration Soon
For My Photography o.o

I Know It'll Be Hard..
But It Takes Time =P

I'll Try When I Have The Time * Procrastinating *

After The Comic Fest..
Me And Jafri Walked To..
The Pavilion For Doughnuts
* We Got Lost.. We Asked 3 Guards For Directions .. And Even Called My Dad *
* Still Lost *

Yea.. In The End..
When We Reached The Pavilion..
We Ended Up With Just Ice Lemon Tea.. zZz.. =P


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