January 18, 2008

Jafri's Idea

I'm Updating For The Sake Of Updating xD =P

Joking xD

Anyway.. I Went To The Barber To Cut My Hair
Senget Wei =P

And On The Way Back From The Barber
I Noticed A Tape On The Road In Front Of Someone's House..

IRONIC =P Ringrose Kindergarten
I Hated The Uniforms=.=
Reminded Me Of Table Cloths =P

So Far.. I Found Only 4 People From My Year That Went To Ringrose
1 Jun Hsien.. 2 Charmaine Liew ..
3 Hong Yen.. And 4 Li Shean ( I Don't Talk To Her , But I Just Know Her )
That Is All ( At The Moment ) xD
*Click To Enlarge*

Picture Taken When I Was Bored

My Dog Hates Saturdays =P
Don't Understand Why XP

Shenn =

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