January 20, 2008

Happy Dreaming Sadness

Do Click To Enlarge The Top Picture ^^
You Will See That It Says
Project Reviving Soon ..

Ok.. Yea.. They Hung That Big Banner Thingy Like..
Half A Year Ago..

I Wonder How They Define Soon o.o
*Soon = 1 Year Time?*
I Say.. That Abandoned Building Makes Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Weird
* Building Was Left Abandoned For MANY YEARS .. I think.. I Say More Then Ten ..
But I Don't Think I'm Trustable
Ten Years Ago I Was Still Drinking Milk Through A Bottle =P *

Well.. For Those Of You.. Who Doesn't Know Where Taman Tun Is..
It's Located RIGHT Beside Bandar Utama..
Border Of Kuala Lumpur And Selangor..
Quite Obvious.. Can Say.. Beside Bukit Kiara Too...
But Mainly.. Bandar Utama..

But What I Hate The Most Is...
* Read Conversation Below *
Sean: I'm From Taman Tun..
Fellow : Yea.. Ok.. Cool * Smiles *
Sean:You Know Where Taman Tun Is?
Fellow:Err... No =P Sorry..
Sean: It's Right Beside Bandar Utama
Fellow: OUH.. YAAA....Where One Utama Is.. Yea.. =D
Sean: zZz

I Still Say Taman Tun Is Damn Beautiful =)
And I Like It Here.. It Ain't That Far From One Utama xD
It's Just Convenient Staying Here =) =P

Plus.. This Is Where.. My Sisters And I Grew Up..
So We Partially Know Taman Tun Really Well
* Well.. =P I Can't Remember The Name Of The Roads La *

Cool Staying Here =)


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