November 12, 2007

With Arms Wide Open =D

Vivian Has Just Turn Sixteen=D
Happy Birthday ^^

Thanks For Inviting Me To Your Party And All =P
And... Errr.. I Know My Present Is A Bit Cheapo* =P
* A Lot Actually *
So...Sorry xD =P

Tanu The Shy Dancing Machine xD

Maria The One Who Is Scared Of People In Costumes? o.o?

Baanu .. Sorry Ya..
About The Primary School Thing xD
I Can't Remember At All Wei o.o

Praying Hard Eih Little Boy

Chor Tai Ti? Is That The Correct Way To Spell It o.o?
I Know How To Say It La But I'm Not Sure Of The Spelling

Stop Looking At People's Cards Dae..

Nicole's Hair Was Really Messy xD

Kristine .. Long Time No See.. LoL

No Comment =P

Die Lor.. She Got 2

Peace Is The Way~~

Talk About Vain =O
Joking Joking =P

Seriously No Comment o.o


For Vivian ^^
Done By * If I'm Not Mistaken * Juliana And Joanne

The Birthday Girl =)

Having A Hard Time o.o?

Vivian's Little Nephew * In Red * Is Really Adorable =P

Kristine Loner =P

Tsk Tsk..* Cough * xD

Random Picture o.o

AwWw.. Look At Him

Birthday Girl Posing For The Camera =D

Picture By Kar Yann *

Picture By Kar Yann * AwWw

LoL =P He Really Likes Posing For The Camera

And He Is Really Good At It

Chewy Chewy Teddy? =P

The Chicken Eye o.o?

I Think Kristine Took This Picture

Vivian =D

Sorry Hannah.. =P
Can See Your Smile Good Enough La xP

The Girls

The Guys * Picture By Kristine *

Vivian's Sister's College Mates =.= =P


Vivian And Her Mom

-.- Got Hands Don't Want To Use -.-'

Baanu .. Sue Ann And Vivian

Vivian And Her Family Again =)

Random Picture *

He Looks Creepy o.o

Now He Looks Innocent

Picture By Kristine ^^ Nice =P

Shenn =)

Happy Sweet Sixteen Vivian ^^
May All Your Wishes Come True =D

Ps.. Sorry For All The Lame Captions And Comments
I'm Just Lazy =P

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