November 25, 2007

Wedu Wedada

I'm Disappointed
And Deep Inside I'm Freaking Sad ..

But Never Mind .. I'll Take This As A Lesson..
I Know My Mistakes But What The Heck..
The Freaking Page Of The Sasteramas Magazine
Came Out Blur.. 3 Pages Actually

Gosh.. And The First Thing .. When I Got To School Was
' Eih Sean.. Why Are The Pictures Blur? '

I' m Suprised Myself.. Seriously

Click On This Picture..
ITS CLEAR.. Trust Me
Your Screen Can't Even Fit The Whole Picture Right?

Gosh.. In So Much Pain Now>.>
Even A Teacher Asked Me
Sean... What Happened To You And Your Camera.............................

I'm Not Going To Put The Blame On Anyone
Cause .. This Is Life Right?

What Is Done.. Is Done

This Is How The Story Goes

And To Say
This Is The Batch Of Pictures I Like Most

Not My Day..
At All

That's All For Now


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