November 20, 2007


Mix Feelings....
Hate It When People Act Nice
In Front Of Me/You/Anyone Just To Use Me/You/Anyone..

I Call It.. Stupidity -.-

Anyway =)

Recently.. Our Scouts Just Held A

Yeaup..This Year.. I'm Like.. Different o.o?
For The Past 3 Years.. If THEY Actually Check My Record
I've Never Skipped Any Scouts Activities , Not Even Once..
But This Year.. It's A Totally Different Story


Ammar And Tim..
Not Actually Doing Work
But Playing O2 Jam xD

Amer.. Testing The Mike
* Those In Tuxedos Are Form 4s.. They're Part Of The Board *

Me And Tim.. Not Part Of The Board o.o
Cough *


Everyone Was Practically Dying For Food Because
The Event Actually Started Quite Late

Cheh Wah~~

No Comment =P Sry

Form 3s


The Pengetua =P
There's 1 Thing I'm Proud Of ..
At Least =P

There Was This 1 Special Moment/Event..
Where They Presented A Gift To The Ex - Pengetua =P
And 1 Of It Was A Picture Frame Thingy..
With Words On .. ( Which I Don't Really Care ) =P
But .. The Picture They Used.. Was A Picture Taken By Me ~~ =P

WoOo ~~ At Least =P

The Event Was Held On The 9th Of November For Your Information~~

Form 5 ~~

Ex - Scouts.. Even More Senior =)
Is He Posing For The Camera Or?
Ps. I Edited This Picture..
Something Is Missing ~~ Can You Spot The Flaw?

Form 6 ~~

Adzhar.. His Tux Was Actually..
Small For Him o.o? =P


Cigku Zarizi's Son.. If I'm Not Mistaken Yet Again

Ex-Head Discipline And Assistant Troop Leader

I Forgotten Their Post xD

Pandu Puteri Also Attended

Na'im's Mom =)
I Like Her Camera xD

Rafiqi xD And Err...

Tim.. As The Video Man?
Just For Like. 50 Minutes Or So =P


Hungry Hungry Hungry..
We Were So Hungry

I Remember One Of The Form 2 Guy Saying
Form 2 Guy : Wei Sean.. Got Hot Chick Sitting At The Other Side ..
Me: Where o.o?
Form 2 Guy : There.. The Other End There
Me : OUH.. That.. Is Imran's Sister
Form 2 Guy : O.O

Hmmm.. Dun Worry Shah.. Edited Picture =P

Chill Out Man ~~

Ex~ Ketua Platoon For The Kadet Polis SMKTTDI

Muka Masam Yeh?>>>

Teachers ~~

Cikgu Adzhar.. The Cikgu In Charge Of The Scouts

The Opening Performance
Not Bad~~

It Is Quite Scary..
If You Think Of It o.o

On The Other Hand..

It Can Be Really Funny =P

So How Is The Food?

Kamil.. I'll Always Remember The Pain
When You Kick Me.. And Tim xD
When We Joke Around While We're Marching xD

He Calls Me Gay xD
I Call Him Hypocrite


Kevin And Imran


Kevin And Saachi xD

His Sister Is Also A Photographer..
oOo LaLa

That's All For Now?
I'm Quite Lazy To Upload Pictures About The Performances

It's Not Ok =P
Cause I Used Levine's Flash
For The First Time

So Yea..
The Pictures Are Ugly~~

Sorry o.o


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