November 8, 2007

For Dancing

Went To O.U. With Jerrard And Sue Vern =P
I Suck At Teaching.. Seriously -.-

Pictures By Sue Vern With The DSLR

Trying Out The AV Mode

Jerrard With The S80=P

The Target * Guy In White *

Pity The Guy La =P

Can't Eat In Peace

Remember The Eyes =P

Back To Me ~~
Sue Vern And Jerrard Trying Out Candid At KFC~~

After That.. They Went For A Game Of Pool =P

I Don't Play Pool =P

Because I Practically Suck At It =P
Sue Vern And Jerrard On The Other Hand

Yea.. Better Then Me.. That's For Sure=P

I'm Still Trying To Learn The Light In The Eye Thingy =P

* Candid * =D

Wrong Aperture =\
Should Be Able To See Sue Vern Trying To Hit The Ball

There.. Like This? o.o?

* Poke *

After That..
We Went To Toy R Us..
Yea =P You Get The Point

That's All For Now =P


1 comment:

Hui Ying :) said...

you take good pictures (: