July 11, 2007

Take It Easy Now?

And I Pray

That You'll Be By My Side

Even When The Pain Is There..


I'll Be Ready

But Still I Hope You'll Lead Me There

And Help Me With This Heavy Burden Of Life..


I Know I Can't Jump As High As I Could Anymore

Because .. This Light Of Theirs Is Always Trying To Blind My Way..


You Don't Know How Much I Want To Hear Your Voice Again..

And Feel You In My Arms..


And I Have To Admit, After All Of This, My Head Hurts

You Can See It On My Face..


If I HaveTo Sleep On Hot Land

And Drink My Own Sweat When There's Nothing Else To Drink..

I Would Start Planning My Way To You Now..

Because.. It All Narrows Down To One Thing..

~~You Are My Only One~~


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