July 15, 2007

Frown Behind A Smile =)=

Went Out With My Teacher Again

Memorable Day La.. =P

Two Emo Guys In 1 Car..

Anyway.. I Took Quite A Number Of Pictures..
And Lev Edited It..
It Turned Out Great =D

Heh =) He Gave Me 1.. Lev's Damn Nice

'Coffee Master'

Adorable =D

50% True =P

I Like This Picture..
Although He Took It Without Me Noticing
This Picture Turned Out Great
He Didn't Even Edit It * Thx Lev*


LoL.. Ok .. This Picture Is Different
I Didn't Take It..
Lev Did.. I Like It =) It's Sweet =D

Thank You Lev For Everything =D

Rock On Editing Skills ^^


1 comment:

KeNth said...

I see a photographer in the making xD

great job!