July 28, 2007

16x The Naught

Tim Had His Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

A Pool Party =P

It Was Great =)
No Regrets

Gurtej Is Damn Gullible Wei =P
Me And Faez Told Him That There Was A 50 Ringgit Note In The Middle Of The Pool
Just So Faez Doesn't Have To Swim Alone* Around 9P.M.
That Statement Towards Gurtej Really Worked =P
The Water Was Freezing Cold And Gurtej Actually Jumped Into The Pool xD

Tanu? O.O WHAT?

Macho ? What's Your Opinion? =P

Don't Give Me That Look * Hmph*

Why Is He Smiling =P? Guess

Tsk Tsk Tsk

In Motion

Confirm Tim Not Ok Already =P

I Bet You She's Thinking About Someone =P

There Goes Jafri

Something New I Learnt..
But None Of Them Really Turned Out Great


Al-Mighty Counselor? =P

Vain =P

The Best Among All


Those Who Think They're Boys Please Be Boys And Dive Together At The Same Time

There Goes Jafri AGAIN =P


Happy Belated Birthday Tim

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