June 2, 2007

To The Philippines =)

The Exchange Student Program ROCKED!!

It Was DamnFun =)

Going To The Philippines With Great Friends And Staying With Great People Was Just Incredible..


Metro Clark OWNS =D

If You Ever Get The Chance To Go There..
Take It.. But Make Sure You Got Everything Planned La..

For Us( Me, Timothy, Divyaa, Amanda, Jevin, Ju Vin And Yi Wen) ,
I Believe We Had Loads Of Fun =)

Everyone In Traditional Except For The Guy In Dark Silver Green

1st Day
High And Poser

Kenneth Being Enthusiastic About His First Plane Ride
So Near To Seeing His Arm Pit Hair

Making Worth His Money

Kenneth Kissing The Wall
Jan Drinking From The Table =P

I'm Weird HuH? Feel Like I'm Some Kind Of Freak Taking Pictures Of People Sleeping

Doctor =D

Nice Clouds.. Blue Sky

OuH Look.. Global Warming


This Proves That He Is Tall

Sleeping Is Good

The Only Thing That Scares Me Is Her =P

Tim Trying To Blend With The Colour xD

I Like This Pic.. The Lady Behind Is Sleeping =D

Looks Like A Bullet That Pierced Through The Window

Fluffy Philippine Clouds =D

Here We Are =D

Immigration * I See Juvin(Girl In Black) The Poser =P

Tim Staring At Jevin Shutting His Eyes

Hmm.. Just Finished Listening Avril's New Album...
Now Its Time For Evanescene =P
P.s. ..Original Albums There Are Cheap =P
I Bought Two.. Yea.. Worth My Peso Man

Told You Juvin Is A Poser * You Can See It By The Way She Looks At The Camera * =P


Doctor Giving A Brief Speech

Tim Dancing

Metro Clark Delegates =D

Big Big Canon

Clark Museum

Bird For Dinner

Just Spectacular=)

LoL.. My Foster Brother * Vincent *
Going Into The Museong =D

Foster MoM * Mila * Is That The Correct Spelling?
All The While I Only Know How To Pronounce It xD =P Sorry

I Don't Know What It Stands For..

Heh.. When We Got Back To The House..
Took A Short Rest.. And Got Ready To Go To SM..

Everyone Getting Ready.. Vincent Watching A Movie

M.J. Is Just Cute =)

Foster Dad Helping Vincent

The Reyna ning Santacruzan Thing Is An Event Where All The Most Beautiful Ladies From All Over The Philippines Gather To Parade Through The Mall For People.. It's Also Some Kind Of Competition.. The Lady With The Most Beautiful Gown And Etc * I Actually Don't Know * Will Win =)

Hmm.. Max's Restaurant Is A Great Place To Eat

The Host For The Event

Contestant Number 1

There Were Like 27 Girls Altogether.. I Think..
And By The Time After The 1st Girl Passed.. I Was Lazy To Take Pictures Already =P


After The Event.. We Had Dinner..
Teriyaki Boy =)
Delicious =D
I Like The Sushi.. Gosh..
I'm Like Hoping For Another Chance To Eat There Again =P
Thanks For Dinner Anyway ^^ I Loved It

His 11 And I'm 15.. I'm Embarrassed

After Dinner.. We Went To An Arcade Place Called Quantum

Potential Driver =P

Foster Dad Playing



1 Years Young Baby =)

2nd Day
Amanda's Foster Mom And Mine Having A Talk With The Doctor

Amanda Stoning

Ysabel Searching For...

Haha.. Around 9+ We Went To Some Antique Thingy Place
We Weren't Actually Allowed To Take Any Pictures Because The Wood Work Were Like Some Special Antique That Many People Tried To Copy.. The Master Pieces Were Actually Used In The Olden Days In Those Castles Or Rich Man's Mansion.. It Was Actually Damn Nice


Just Nice.. ' My Paper KoyaK'


Sexy Artist

A Serious Masterpiece

Just Imagine.. They Do It Like It's So Easy..
But When We Do Our Life Skill Project (Kemahiran Hidup) We Tend To ALWAYS Make Mistakes..


Mr. Cool

Ju Vin , Divyaa, Kimberly And Patricia

Look At That.. That Is The Waiting List.. THAT's Not The Only 1.. They Had Like 3 More Other Boards


Amanda Went High After She Saw The....The Peacock..
My Mistake.. Turkey=P

It Looks Old.. But The Owner Is Like A Millionaire? Or Maybe Even A Billionaire

Wuhuu .. Hotty


She Went High




A View From The Top

She's A Mannequin

LoL.. There Were A Lot Of Figurines

Only Divyaa Can Finish That Cake xD

=) She's Gay

It Was A Tiring Day


That's So Gay Maaan

I've Seen Human To Human.. But This Is Too Much

Was Suppose To Turn 360

=) Great Friends

Amanda's Actually Pretending To Take Pictures


White Chocolate Mixed With Brown Chocolate

Men With.....

One Of The Girls Said.. I'm Going To Have My Wedding Here..
Well.. Your Husband Will Leave You If He Finds Out You'll Have It Here =P

To The Church Next >>

Diego? Holy?

They're Cousins.. Alex And Ysabel

Diego's Ready To Confess

Yi Wen And Ysabel

Off To The Next Church

One Thing Special About This Church.. If I'm Not Mistaken.. Half Of The Church.. Sank..
Yeaup.. When The Volcano Erupted.. This Church Became A Victim Of Its Cruel Dust Thingy Mer Jiggy.. The Church Even Melted I.. And The People Inside Was Buried Along With The Church..Such A Pityful Thing.. I Wish That Really Happened Though =P JOKING

Haha.. Half Of The Church Just Sank

Stars =D

Something Bout Ashes

SeEeEe.. Look At Juvin

Taking A Pee.. Don't Disturb La

Divyaa And Her Foster Sister

Tim Trying To Imitate Michael Jackson

The Not So Holy And The Going To Be Not So Holy



We're Illegal Imigrants

'Malaysia Rocks Because The Food There Is Cheap'


Day 4

Emanuel.. Nice Name.. Saw A Hot Girl Passed By


The Sentry Is A Gay Thing

The Uniform Doesn't Do People Justice? His Hotter Than That =P

I Like The Logo

Ysabel FOR SURE Is Going To Say.. That's So Gay Man

Pictures Of People Who Injured Themselves During The Extreme Adventure



A Method To Prevent The Extinct Of Endangered Species

Philippine's Next Top Male Model


Didn't Know You Could Put Seasoning On Fruits

Yea.. Eat It


This Bear Kept Walking Round And Round Around The Round Pond.. Which Was Funny Because It Didnt Stop Walking For Rounds.. Seriously .. LoL

Seriously Good Facts..
Cause I Didn't Even Know A Single Thing Until I Read It

This Is MY Favourite Kind Of Animal

Haha.. I Didn't Take Much For The Serpentarium..
It Was Dark.. So The Shutter For The Camera Wasn't Fast Enough..

But After That.. Wooo.. We Fed The Tigers..
Not Us La.. But Our Money.. Yea

Kim Looks Like A Small Girl

The Horse Is What We Will Feed To The Tigers =D Joking

The Guy Cutting The Chicken For The Tigers

And That's Kumar The Puma =P
It's The Tiger Chilling~~

So Cute


Meow Meow..
Purr Purr


Pleasured To Do So..

Right After I Read That.. The Tiger Rawr-ed? Is That The Word?

Britney's Coming Around The Corner Here She Comes..

Yiwen Trying To Lick Her Elbow

Looks Like Some Kind Of Army Barrack


Well Preserved

They're Choosing On Which Aeta Is The Hottest =P

Welcome Back To The Hotel California~~

And Here Comes The Plane

I'm Going To Shoot You Down.. WeEeEe

King Kong Is The Target!

Juvin's Attracted

The Other Two Contestants For Philippines Next Top Models
UmMm Yea.. I'm To Sexy For My Shirt

Amanda Praying For Dinner With Them xD

Monkey =P

Haha.. Weirdos

Wuhuu.. Turned On*

The Shirt Says She's Free =P

That's Pretty Much Of The Zoo

Wow.. I Wonder How The Driver Ever Got His License


Can't Believe You Have To Pay To Swim -.-

Haha.. Didn't Take Much.. Didn't Want My Camera To Get Wet..
LoL.. But I Did Take Pictures Of My Foster Mom And Jevin Singing

Linkin Park Actually... Dancing Queen Was Next

Jevin Rapping.. I Mean Singing =P That Sounded Wrong Huh xP

Dancing Queen


Well.. By The Time We Got Back.. It Was Quite Late..
Yea.. Over There.. By 6P.M .. It Would Be Like 8P.M. in Malaysia..
For Malaysia.. 6P.M. Would Be Like 4P.M. There In The Philippines

Heh.. Jolibee ^^


Sleepy Tim


Dibyaa =P HAHAHA.. I Got All The Stickers With Your Name Spelled Wrongly


Korean Wannabe


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