June 12, 2007

Moments That Got Me Thinking

Just Love My New Handphone Strap

Well.. Practically.. On The Same Day After Tree Planting..
We Got Back.. Practiced Our Song~~
And Got Ready For Our Meeting..

Supposedly Formal Meeting..

Nevermind =P Anyway..
Since Today Is The 12th Of June.. Tommorow Is Her Birthday =D
Kim's Birthday..

Ok.. By The Time Some Ppl Read This It Might Be Outdated..
But Yea.. Hopefully You All Will Understand

This Church Is A Replica Of Another Church From Somewhere In The Philippines

Eman Stoning

International Rotary

Delegates Welcome Rotary International District

Hi.. I'm Jevin.. I'm The Group Leader.. My Interact Club Is Sponsored By....*Forgotten*
I Come From The Northern Part Of Malaysia

Hey Hey You You.. I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

'I'm Weird'

99* You're Ready To Be A Famous Singer


Tita Bell And Diego's Mom

Du'it Please

Effects Of Being Lazy To Use The Shampoo*

'I Live Here'

The Weather For Today.. Heavy Thunderstorms At The Southern Part Of Malaysia

Sweetest Memories

Great People Gathered Under .. In A Room

Haha.. That's Practically It..
After That.. We Didn't Do Much..
Just Went And Watch Ysabel Act..

I Won't Post Up Any Pictures Because According To Her..
It's Gay

The End ^^

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