June 8, 2007

Stress Free Holiday =)

Coffee Kalinga
Similar To Our Black Coffee

That's What They Served Us On The 6th Day

Actually.. It Was Like .. No Offence..
Was A Boring Day..
But You Can't Blame Anyone..

Cause On The Day When We Went To Manila(Wednesday)
We Returned Home Like 3 Or 4 A.M. (Thursday)

So They Rotarians Knew We Needed Rest..
True.. So.. Yea =) It's Cool


5 Star Cottage

After The Coffee

Karaoke Session

Father And Daughter

Diego's Cousin.. Seriously.. DAMN GOOD

Rock On =P

7th Day

Started Off With Tree Planting..
The Aeta's Are Like So Modern Now..
With Karaoke Machines In The House..

One Thing We All Noticed Was..
Filipino's Like To Sing..
And Listen To Oldies .. =D

His A Statue

Everyone Being Energetic =P

Hit Me Baby One More Time~~

For You~~ =)


As The Usual.. Amanda Complaining =P

Buu =)=

Scout Master * Diego's Dad *

Doing His Business

This Seriously Feels Gay

Deventry Beside Me Doing The Peace Sign

Cow Po Poo

Divyaa Actually Stepped On It

Mini Watermelon?

Posing.. Everywhere She Goes.. She Poses... Tsk Tsk Tsk =P
But I Like This Picture Anyway.. Haha

Yo Dawg

Eman Rocks Man.. He Actually Was Able To Punch A Guy Twice His Size Who Bullied Him..
THAT GUY CRIED MAN.. In Your Face...

Eman's A Pro

More Plants =D

Alonso's New Challenge

Got Your Back

'I've Turned Gay After The Incident Two Days Ago' =P

Nothing Compared To You =)

Clone Trooper

Fuiyo.. JuVin Getting Turned On =P So Is Amanda , Divyaa And ....... Errr.. Ysabel?

Pro Barber

Sry.. Too Small

His Happy About The Moments In The Library

Rotary Clubs In The Philippines Are Like..
McDonalds in Malaysia..

Shenn ^^

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