June 5, 2009

An Opposite Incident Repeating

Shu Jun Was  ' The Model For The Day'

Shu Jun's Mum Took Us To The Sultan's Taman Something Something
That Was Located Infront Of The Waterfront Something Something =P
*I'm Really Bad At Remembering Names xD *

In The Picture Above.. You Could Actually See Singapore On The Other Side =)

Haha.. Anyway , The Sultan's Taman Something Something Was Actually Really Nice
At First , I Thought It Was Going To Be Just A Normal Walk In The Park
But The Taman Is Actually Really Darn Beautiful * To Me La *

If I Were To Go Back To J.Bahru..
I'm Going There Again
For Sure =D

There Was Even An Abandoned House / Building That Is Darn Cool..
We Were Lucky Because There Were Other Photographers There Too..
So , It Wasn't As Creepy To Explore The Building Alone =)

LoL , In The Picture Below
There's A White Ghost With A Sling Bag =P
Shu Jun Took This Shot With My Cam xD

LoL , 'CoCo' Lee =P
Shu Jun's New Nickname =P

Although It Was Creepy Because It Was Abandoned..
It Has A Lot Of Artistic Value =D

Broken Stairs Leading To The 2nd Floor..

oOo.. The Plant/Tree That Was Covered With Torns =P
Very Eerie

xD I'm A Stalker?

Shu Jun Trying To Steal The Food To Feed The Fishes xD

Well , There's More  And I'll Upload Them ASAP
Darn Lazy La Right Now o.o xD

Hehe =P Sorry


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