June 12, 2009

I Forgotten How To Forget o.o

Danial xD A.k.a. D2

Took Some Random Candids That Day In The Cafeteria
I Like The Range Of Colours That You Can Use As Background There =P

LoL -.- I'm Weird

Anyway.. Mei Yi Is Leaving =(
Aww .. My Chemistry Lab Partner =(

Bahh.. Haha.. Study Hard K?
Well... You Memang Will One La
You Smart Bump =P

See You When I See You
Sounds Wrong But Whatever .. xD

With You As My Chem Lab Partner
Everything Was Good =P
Cause You're So Effecient -.-

And I'm Sorry For Always Slowing You Down =(
I Will Always Pray For You And Guan Tat =D
The Smart Couple In Our Class =)

Mei Yi And Guan Tat =) & Me xD

The Guys Will Obviously Miss You La =)
Vino , Daniel , Me.. And For Sure Guan Tat La =P

Vino Being Vino =P

Well.. We Musn't Lose Contact Of Each Other?
And Yet Again.. I'm Truly Sorry If I Ever Made You Down
Which I Know I Did For Quite Some Number Of Times.. =(

You Rock Mei Yi xD

Playing A Fool In The Library xD

Well.. That's All For Now

Shenn (=)=

1 comment:

missnissa said...

omg. tak perasan pun the small blind spot lenses at the lib! :P haha. lovelovelove YOUR PHOTOS boy :D