April 6, 2008

You Know ,, Right?

Won't Say Much About It * Euphoria Charity Concert *
=P Cause.. Writing A Review On It Would Be Damn Cliche =P
* Plus I'm Not Biased *

It's Like Saying..
How Many Blogs Can You Find With A Review That Can Be Good Or BAD Over A Topic?

Nyeeeepp -.-

For Me.. It Was Satisfying =)
That's All..
At Least We Know We Tried Our Best..

Thank You Everyone For Your Support
And For Those Who Think It Was Mediocre

Well.. We're Really Sorry..
But Hey =P

For 16 And 17 Year Old Students..
I Think It Was A Huge Achievement For Us ^^

Shenn ^^

To My Fellow Interactors Of SMKTTDI
Great Job =) Thank You =D

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