April 19, 2008

Meet Uncle Hussain

I Support The Local Music Industry
Well.. Some La xD

No Offense o.o
But So Far.. To Me.. There Are Only A Few Good Ones
Like Meet Uncle Hussain And One Buck Short..
OAG Is Good Too.. Not To Forget Too Phat =\

I Know .. I Don't Look Like A Guy Who Listens To Our Own Local Bands Or Groups
But Hey.. I DoOo... If You Would Actually Listen To Fly Fm.. Yea..
They Do Play Our Local Band's Songs..

I Say .. We Need To Be Original o.o
And Different..

Something That Everyone Can Understand, Like Or Love..
I Hate Wannabes Especially -.-


Meet Uncle Hussain .. Is Unique In A Way..
Especially When The Vocalist Sings..

The Tune Is Simple Yet Sweet =)
Trust Me .. They Are Good

Some Made It Through By Luck..
But I Prefer Those Who Made It From Scratch =)



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