March 2, 2008

No No No o.o

Monyet Sedang Mencari Kutu ? =P

How I Wish..
Exams Never Existed=P

It'll Be Even Better La =P
At Least.. We Go To School
Without Feeling So Freaking Stressed Up o.o

School Can Be Very Stressful =\
Plus.. Those Extra Tuitions After School o.o

Killer Man =\

And How Can THEY Say.. Life Back Then Was Tougher
I Think It Is Equally As Tough o.o

Anyway.. My Point Is..
School Can Be At Least Better If They Just Reduce The Amount Of Exams We Have
Correct? o.o


Hifzhan And Shah =P

Sorry Nad =P I Know How Much You Hate People Taking Pictures Of You =P

Sorry Again xD

Study Study Study o.o

Our Add Maths Teacher =D

Jafri Showing Off =P

Me =P

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