March 2, 2008

Biology Can Be A Pain In The ... o.o * Not For The Faint Of Heart *

Just Imagine You Are The Frog
Seeing.. Someone.. Just Like You..
Getting Ready To Be Dissected o.o

It Is Very Cruel
But I Can't Help The Fact That
It Is For Studies o.o??

Surely Every Doctor Has Been Through This =\
Taking A Life Away o.o

* I Somehow Still Wonder Why We Never Feel Guilty For Killing Ants Or Mosquitoes*

Anyway Yea.. 5 Beta's Students Managed To Dissect Frogs Last Monday
The Frog Liyana And I Bought Was HUGE

We Were So Frighten Just Because..

We Bought 3 Bull Frogs For The Price of RM10 Each o.o
* Where Are It's Horns? * xD

Look At That Frog La.. o.o Huge Man =P


Dr. Shah With The Sinister Look o.O

Nadrah , Jaf , Hadi And Intan

Diyana =P Potential Doctor?

Ouch o.o

Seriously Not For The Faint Of Heart

Stop And Stare =P

That Red Thing..
The Lungs

Look At That La.. =P
The Amount Of People Working On The Frog

We Even Managed To Cut The Head Off

The Stomach

Shah And Rapper.. I Mean Harris

Holding The Head o.o


Hmm.. I Was The One Who Actually Cut Both The Head And The Leg Off o.o

The Small Intestine

Puteri , Ezu , Shatrah And Sarah

Ah.. Seriously.. No Comment


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