February 1, 2008

The Less The More

Sanoj .. Looks Like Those
Female Models =P
With His Posture
And Eye Thing =P
Look At His Hand Also =P
Tsk Tsk =P

I'm Just Going To Try New Different Elements For My Pictures
Where.. The Subject Is Correctly Coloured
And The Background Is Either Black And White Or Just Pale ..

So.. Do Tell Me What Do You Think About It..

Anyway.. Yea.. The Form 5 Boys.. Me , Sanoj , Tim , Su , Rashvin , Jaf And Tej
Went For The SMTTDI's PBSM's Orientation Night
We All Ke Po Chi-ing Eni =P

Started Of Fresh
Came Back .. Like Corpse

It Was Ok
Nothing Much To Say

I Could Say Worth Going
Then Staying At Home Rotting


I Paid RM10 Just For A Piece Of Country Grilled Chicken Burger From McD's =\

Juliana And Intan =D

Aida Looks Like A o(o.o)o =P

LoL.. I Lazy To Comment Edi..
So Yea.. =P =\

Shake It *


* Pictures Taken By Amalin * ( Is The Spelling Of The Name Correct? )

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