February 9, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I Say The Only Thing That Spoiled The Day
Was.. The Television

Gosh.. We Could Have Done Other Better Things
For Once..=.= zZz Like.. Go Out To The Park
Or...... Family Brunch ? Lunch? AT LEAST SOMETHING

Nyek.. The TV Is Going To Rule Us 1 Day=\

Anyway.. The Only Thing I Then Looked Forward Too
Was The Family Group Photo Session

It Was Hard To Even Tell Them To Get Into Their Positions =.=
Everyone Was So Engrossed With The TV

Felt Like.. Throwing My Tripod Into The TV
But That Would Get Me Into A Lot Of Trouble


Nevermind.. At Least We're One -.-
When The TV Is On =.=

My Point Is ..
Chinese New Year.. Celebrated ..
Once A Year

Don't Waste It On TV Programs

My Dad's Eldest Brother's Family

Dad's 2nd Eldest Brother's Family

Newly Weds

My Family =)

The 3rd Generation

& The Whole Family


Who Listen Anyway Nowadays =\

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone =)


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