February 6, 2010



Hey Peepsters
Yea, I'm Back To Blogging On This Blog Just For The Fun Of It

But I'll Definitely Update My Other Blog
This Is Just Another Blog For Me To Rant And Voice My Disgust Over Stuff That Pisses Me Off -.- Emo Stuff Practically

But Nevertheless , There Will Still Be Pictures

Anywhooo, I'm Trying My Best To Be Ignorant About The Stuff Happening Around Me
As A Matter Of Fact.. I Still Hate IMU.. Yes I HATE IMU
It Sucks To The Core..

Even Though I'm Smiling Most Of The Time ,
Deep Inside Of Me , I'm Just A Bottle Of Grade A Grape Flavoured Champagne ..

Who Knew That It Would Turn Out This Way?
Since January 09 , I've Been Wanting To Enter IMU
But I Realised Now .. It's Just A Disaster

.. And Will Time Heal Everything?
Goodness, How I Hate That Phrase ..

Well.. That's All For Now.. Gotto Go Back To Being To Be That Jolly Wolly Ass Hole That I Am Again



Ps.. If You're Able To Read This Blog
You're Among The People That I Truly Trust And Cherish =)


Julia Rashid said...

Hahha, and u were so anxious to get in IMU. Chill man. It's just a couple of years and then Sutherland! 8D

Sean Ng Sze Shenn said...

LoL.. Sunderland Was If I Entered SEGi.. But IMU I'm Going Stratchlyde

And Yea.. I Was Damn Happy At First=.=
Now I'm Just Dissapointed

Phoebs/Feebs/Phoebums said...

cos there's no c-box for me to say hi in.

no worriess, you can hang with sandra and kacau her till you're stress free :)

talk to ya sooon i hope :D