July 24, 2008

Port You Goose Goose

I'm Really Really Sorry
Haven't Been Really Able To Update My Blog

Or Even Take Pictures o.o
The Only Time When I Get To Do So Is
When I'm In School..

No No .. I'm Not Complaining
But.. I Miss Going Out For Photo Outings xD
Especially With Lev..

Anyway.. I.U. Day Is Finally Over
And .. I Would Like To Take This Opportunity

To Thank All My Fellow Interactors
(= Without You Guys And Gals..
The I.U. Day Could Not Have Been The Way It Was
EVERYONE.. Really.. Thank You =)

Haha.. And.. Errr.. Sorry La.. No Pictures For I.U. xD
Had No Time For Pictures xD
You Have To Check It Out At Kar Yann's Blog When She Updates Her Blog

And Oh Yea.. What Do You Think Of My New Header?
Is It A Lil Bit Over? ( With The Finger .. You Know =\ )
That's Reshvin By The Way =P

Hmm.. And And =.=
I Guess That's All For Now

And Happy Belated Birthday Jaf xD
You're A Big Boy Now xD

Diyana =P

Resh's Eye

Ukhm =P >-------(A.R.)--->

Can You See Me =P ?


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